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State Models and Supports—Social Emotional Climate

State Models and Supports—Social Emotional Climate

State law encourages state agencies to develop models and guidance for districts to promote positive social and emotional climate, or requires state agencies to disseminate existing resources.

Alaska Statutes 14.33.200 Harassment intimidation and bullying policy.

(a) By July 1, 2007, each school district shall adopt a policy that prohibits the harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any student. Each school district shall share this policy with parents or guardians, students, volunteers, and school employees.

(b) The policy must be adopted through the standard policy-making procedure for each district that includes the opportunity for participation by parents or guardians, school employees, volunteers, students, administrators, and community representatives. The policy must emphasize positive character traits and values, including the importance of civil and respectful speech and conduct, and the responsibility of students to comply with the district’s policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying. The policy must also include provisions for an appropriate punishment schedule up to and including expulsion and reporting of criminal activity to local law enforcement authorities. School employees, volunteers, students, and administrators shall adhere to this policy.

(c) By January 1, 2007, the department, in consultation with representatives of parents or guardians, school personnel, and other interested parties, may provide to school districts a model harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention policy and training materials on the components that should be included in a district policy. Training materials may be disseminated in a variety of ways, including workshops and other staff developmental activities, and through the Internet website of the department. Materials included on the Internet website must include the model policy and recommended training and instructional materials. The department may provide a link to the school district’s Internet website for further information.

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