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School Counseling Secondary Grade Levels—9-12

School Counseling Secondary Grade Levels—9-12

State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in secondary grade levels (9-12).

Wyoming Administrative Rules 206-0002-6 District and School Accreditation

(vi) Student Support Services. The district offers additional student supports including guidance counseling and social services, and instruction for hospitalized and homebound students.

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Wyoming Statutes 21-16-1308. Administration; rules and regulations.

(D) In addition to the unit of instruction required under subparagraph (C) of this paragraph, and commencing school year 2007-2008 and each school year thereafter, provision of counseling services to students enrolled in grades eight (8) through twelve (12) in accordance with the following:

  • (I) Counseling shall be provided to each student beginning in grade eight (8) on components of the unit of instruction required under subparagraph (C) of this paragraph including curriculum requirements of high school graduation, curriculum requirements necessary for each of the Hathaway scholarships, current achievement levels for the statewide proficiency assessment, the importance of curriculum for career options and the earning differences anticipated based upon curriculum choices and at various levels of post secondary education;
  • (II) Counseling for each successive year following initial counseling in grade eight (8) shall include an assessment of the student’s course history and options available as to future course selection and consequences attached to selected course pathways;
  • (III) Counseling services shall be provided by counselors or designated employees of the district;
  • (IV) Counseling in grades eight (8) and nine (9) shall include a summary of the various Hathaway scholarships and other information regarding scholarship opportunities available to students and associated curriculum and student performance requirements.
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