Oklahoma - Family Engagement in Local Governance: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Oklahoma Statutes 70-5-117.4. School improvement plan.

A. Each local board of education shall, after convening an advisory council that includes teachers and parents, and after holding at least one public hearing, adopt a six-year school improvement plan for the district. Each school improvement plan shall include stated goals that clearly delineate educational expectations, and shall be annually monitored and updated as necessary. The alternative education plan for the school district as required in subsection B of Section 1210.566 of this title shall be included in the school improvement plan. The plan shall also include a specific program of improvement through academic skill reinforcement and/or remediation pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma School Testing Program Act. The plan shall include an evaluation of the instructional program in the basic skills areas as specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of subsection A of Section 11-103 of this title and specific plans whereby schools within the district will initiate the planning process of meeting or exceeding the accreditation requirements in Section 3-104.4 of this title. The six-year school improvement plan shall include a consideration of the feasibility of participation in any programs which consist of state exemption from educational-related statutes or rules.

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