Outline of the state of Utah

Family Engagement Plans

Family Engagement Plans

State law requires districts to adopt plans, policies, or strategies to engage parents and families in the educational process.

Utah Code 53E-2-201 Policy for Utah’s public education system.

(2) In the implementation of all policies, programs, and responsibilities adopted in accordance with this public education code, the Legislature, the state board, local school boards, and charter school governing boards shall:

  • (a) respect, protect, and further the interests of parents in their children’s public education; and
  • (b) promote and encourage full and active participation and involvement of parents at all public schools.
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Utah Code 53E-2-301. Public education’s vision and mission

(1) The Legislature envisions an educated citizenry that encompasses the following foundational principles:

  • (a) citizen participation in civic and political affairs;
  • (b) economic prosperity for the state by graduating students who are college and career ready;
  • (c) strong moral and social values; and
  • (d) loyalty and commitment to constitutional government.

(2) The Legislature recognizes that public education’s mission is to assure Utah the best educated citizenry in the world and each individual the training to succeed in a global society by providing students with:

  • (a) learning and occupational skills;
  • (b) character development;
  • (c) literacy and numeracy;
  • (d) high quality instruction;
  • (e) curriculum based on high Standard and relevance; and
  • (f) effective assessment to inform high quality instruction and accountability.

(3) The Legislature:

  • (a) recognizes that parents are a child’s first teachers and are responsible for the education of their children;
  • (b) encourages family engagement and adequate preparation so that students enter the public education system ready to learn; and
  • (c) intends that the mission detailed in Subsection (2) be carried out through a responsive educational system that guarantees local school communities autonomy, flexibility, and client choice, while holding them accountable for results.
  • (4) This section will be applied consistent with Section 53G-10-204.
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Utah Code 53E-2-302. Characteristics of public education system.

The Legislature shall assist in maintaining a public education system that has the following characteristics:

  • (12) emphasizes the involvement of educators, parents, business partnerships, and the community at large in the educational process by allowing them to be involved in establishing and implementing educational goals and participating in decision-making at the school site;
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Utah Code 53E-2-303. Parental participation in educational process -- Employer support.

(3) (a) Each local school board shall adopt a policy on parental involvement in the schools of the district.

  • (b) The local school board shall design its policy to build consistent and effective communication among parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • (c) The policy shall provide parents with the opportunity to be actively involved in their children’s education and to be informed of:
  • (i) the importance of the involvement of parents in directly affecting the success of their children’s educational efforts; and
  • (ii) groups and organizations that may provide instruction and training to parents to help improve their children’s academic success and support their academic efforts.
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Utah Code 53E-2-304 School district and individual school powers — Plan for college and career readiness definition.

(2) (a) Each school district and public school shall:

  • (ii) provide for teacher and parent involvement in policymaking at the school site.
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Utah Code 53E-3-502. State Board of Education assistance to districts and schools.

In order to assist school districts and individual schools in acquiring and maintaining the characteristics set forth in Section 53E-2-302, the State Board of Education shall:

  • (8) help school districts develop and implement guidelines, strategies, and professional development programs for administrators and teachers consistent with Subsections 53E-2-302(7) and 53E-6-103(2)(a) and (b) focused on improving interaction with parents and promoting greater parental involvement in the public schools.
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