Oklahoma - HE K-12 curriculum—personal health and wellness (ES): Curricula

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State law addresses personal health and wellness.

Oklahoma Administrative Codes 210:15-3-143.1 Standard One: Comprehending Concepts in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

(c) Standard One objectives for Grades 3-5.

  • (1) Objective 1. Describe the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.
  • (2) Objective 2. Identify examples of emotional, intellectual, physical, and social health (e.g., relationship between feelings and behaviors, appropriate ways to express and deal with emotions, identifying characteristics of healthy relationships and self-control, developing healthy study skills).
  • (3) Objective 3. Describe ways in which a safe and healthy school and community environment can promote personal health (e.g., safe playgrounds, tobacco free schools and communities, and bully free zones).
  • (4) Objective 4. Describe when it is important to seek health care (e.g., for routine visits, when injured or sick, or for emotional health reasons).
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