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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Personal Health and Wellness—HS

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Personal Health and Wellness—HS

State law addresses personal health and wellness.

Nevada Academic Content Standard for Health

The health content Standard address personal health and wellness in health education in high school grades.

Policy Type

Nevada Administrative Code 389.455 Health.

Instruction in high school in health must be designed so that pupils meet the following performance Standard by the completion of high school:

  1. Comprehend concepts related to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease to enhance health, as demonstrated by the ability of the pupil to:
    • (a) Evaluate the effect of family history, health choices and level of stress on the health of a person;
    • (b) Formulate a strategy for personal health that includes the use of self-reflection to achieve overall wellness;
    • (c) Apply knowledge of food and nutrient needs when making decisions regarding food choices and meal plans;
    • (d) Apply knowledge of physical activity and health to develop a plan for daily activity;
    • (e) Analyze the physiological, psychological and social effects of the use and abuse of a substance;
    • (f) Examine ways to reduce or prevent injuries and violence;
    • (g) Analyze the potential for injury, illness or death which results from a person engaging in behavior that increases health risks;
    • (h) Evaluate the effects of advances in research and medicine on the prevention and control of illnesses and diseases;
    • (i) Analyze the influence of the environment on the health of a person and the health of the community;
    • (j) Develop personal boundaries and clear personal limits for the pupil;
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