Rhode Island - Chronic Conditions—asthma plan: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses asthma plan.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-21-22. Allergic emergencies – Anaphylaxis – Use of epinephrine – Immunity for those administering.

(b) The policies, rules, and regulations shall also include a procedure to allow children to carry and use prescription inhalers, and auto-injectable epinephrine, while in school, at a school-sanctioned function or event, or in transit to and from school or school-sanctioned function or event by the school bus service provider; when prescribed by a licensed individual with prescriptive privileges. Children who need to carry prescription inhalers and/or auto-injectable epinephrine shall provide the school and the school bus service provider with medical documentation that the inhaler and/or auto-injectable epinephrine has been legitimately prescribed and that the child needs to carry it on his or her person due to a medical condition, but no child shall be disciplined solely for failure to provide this documentation in advance.

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