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Encouraged or requires fewer than all grades

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—HS

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—HS

State law recommends high school PE curriculum, or requires PE for less than all years of high school.

17 Guam Code Annotated 3207 Local Wellness Policy.

The objectives of the Policy may include, but are not limited to, the adoption of rules, regulations and training for:

  • (1) Nutrition, to include optimal nutrition through the School Breakfast, Lunch, and After-School-Snack Programs for student growth, development, and academic achievement;
  • (2) Nutrition Education in the school curriculum;
  • (3) Physical Fitness, which includes intramural sports, playground equipment, interscholastic sports, and other competitive athletic activities;
  • (4) Physical Fitness Education, which includes curriculum and physical education classes;
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