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Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—HS

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—HS

State law requires high school PE curriculum.

Kansas Administrative Regulations 91-31-32. Performance and quality criteria.

(a) Each school shall be assigned its accreditation status based upon the extent to which the school has met the performance and quality criteria established by the state board in this regulation. (c) The quality criteria shall consist of the following quality measures, which shall be required to be in place at each school:

  • (G) physical education, which shall include instruction in health and human sexuality;
Policy Type

Kansas Administrative Regulations 91-31-35. Graduation requirements.

(a) Each local board of education shall adopt a written policy specifying that pupils are eligible for graduation only upon completion of at least the following requirements:

  • (1) Four units of English language arts, which shall include reading, writing, literature, communication, and grammar. The building administrator may waive up to one unit of this requirement if the administrator determines that a pupil can profit more by taking another subject;
  • (2) three units of history and government, which shall include world history; United States history; United States government, including the Constitution of the United States; concepts of economics and geography; and, except as otherwise provided in S.B.R. 91-31-32, a course of instruction in Kansas history and government;
  • (3) three units of science, which shall include physical, biological, and earth and space science concepts and which shall include at least one unit as a laboratory course;
  • (4) three units of mathematics, including algebraic and geometric concepts;
  • (5) one unit of physical education, which shall include health and which may include safety, first aid, or physiology. This requirement shall be waived if the school district is provided with either of the following:
  • (A) A statement by a licensed physician that a pupil is mentally or physically incapable of participating in a regular or modified physical education program; or
  • (B) a statement, signed by a lawful custodian of the pupil, indicating that the requirement is contrary to the religious teachings of the pupil;
  • (6) one unit of fine arts, which may include art, music, dance, theatre, forensics, and other similar studies selected by a local board of education; and
  • (7) six units of elective courses.
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