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Physical Education Substitutions

Physical Education Substitutions

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Alabama Administrative Code 290-3-1- .02 Regulations Governing Public Schools.

Any Alabama public school system that has adequate certified physical education teachers in Grades K-8 may request of the State Superintendent of Education that the exemptions of the one credit of physical education in Grades 9-12 be applied as listed below:  

  1. May substitute physical activity-based subjects (e.g., marching band, and athletics) and other subject areas under exceptional circumstances for physical education under the following conditions:
    • (i) A detailed plan (except JROTC) which reflects collaboration with the physical education teacher at the school must be developed and submitted to the State Superintendent of Education to ensure that students will master the required content Standard and benchmarks as outlined in the Alabama Course of Study: Physical Education.  
    • (ii) The Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment must be administered to Grade 2-12 students, including students who receive exemptions from the State Superintendent of Education. Fitness data must be reported to the State Department of Education (SDE).
    • (iii) Such other conditions as prescribed by local boards of education. This subsection (c) becomes effective with the class entering the ninth grade in the fall of 2006.
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