Outline of the state of Louisiana

Air Quality

Air Quality

State law encourages districts to address air quality issues in schools.

Louisiana Administrative Code 51 XVII 103. Lighting Heating and Ventilation Requirements for Public Buildings

A. Every public and government building in this state, including, but not limited to every school (kindergarten, nursery school, trade school, college or university), office building, store, commercial building, enclosed shopping center, theater, lecture hall, auditorium, hotel, restaurant, boarding house, nursing home, hospital, airport building, bus depot, railroad depot, and other places where people congregate, shall be adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated, in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter, and shall otherwise conform to all other requirements of this Part.

B. Every indoor area traversed by people, including halls, stairways, and toilet rooms, shall a minimum of 10 foot-candles of illumination measured at a level 3 feet above the floor.

C. The combustion chambers of all heaters, heating systems, and other fired equipment shall be vented to the atmosphere. Other parts of the heating, cooling, and ventilating system shall be so designed, built, and maintained as to ensure that the pressure in the space from which combustion air is drawn does not become negative with respect to the atmosphere.

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