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Air Quality

Air Quality

State law encourages districts to address air quality issues in schools.

Code of Maryland Regulations Relocatable Classrooms Indoor Environmental Quality Standard.

A. All relocatable classrooms used for student instruction at public schools must conform to Indoor Environmental Quality Standard that meet the Maryland Green Building Council International Green Construction Code (IgCC) Supplement, Chapter 8, Section 801 through 806, which is incorporated by reference; and

B. One of the following:

  • (1) The Model Performance Code for pre-manufactured units; or
  • (2) Local building codes for locally-constructed relocatable classrooms.
Policy Type

Maryland Code 5-303 State payment or certain public school construction and capital improvement costs.

(b) Regulations to establish criteria for indoor air quality Standard in relocatable classrooms. -- The Interagency Commission, in consultation with the Department of General Services and the Department of Housing and Community Development, shall adopt regulations establishing criteria designed to enhance indoor air quality for the occupants of relocatable classrooms constructed after July 1, 2014, that are purchased or leased using State or local funds, including specifications that:

  • (1) Require each unit to include appropriate air barriers to limit infiltration;
  • (2) Require that each unit be constructed in a manner that provides protection against water damage through the use of proper roofing materials, exterior sheathing, water drainage systems, and flashing;
  • (3) Require that each unit provide continuous forced ventilation when the unit is occupied;
  • (4) Require each unit to include a programmable thermostat;
  • (5) Require each unit to be outfitted with energy efficient lighting and heating and air-conditioning systems; and
  • (6) Mandate that each unit be constructed with building materials that contain low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in accordance with industry Standard.
Policy Type

Maryland Code 5-322 Healthy school facility fund

(b) Fund established. -- There is a Healthy School Facility Fund.

(c) Purpose. -- The purpose of the Fund is to provide grants to public primary and secondary schools in the State to improve the health of school facilities.

(d) Administration. -- The Interagency Commission on School Construction shall administer the Fund. [...]

(j) Appropriations; priorities. -- [...]

  • (2) (i) Subject to subparagraphs (ii) and (iii) of this paragraph, the Interagency Commission on School Construction shall give priority in awarding grants to schools based on the severity of issues in the school, including:
    1. Air conditioning;
    1. Heating;
    1. Indoor air quality;
    1. Mold remediation;
    1. Temperature regulation;
    1. Plumbing, including the presence of lead in drinking water outlets in school buildings; and
    1. Windows.
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