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Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

State law encourages districts to implement school-based alcohol and drug referral, intervention or treatment programs for students with substance use disorders.

New Mexico School Health Manual

Manual addresses school-based alcohol and drug counseling referral for students identified with substance use disorders.

Policy Type

New Mexico Statutes 22-2D-3. Programs; purpose; functions.

B.  The purpose of the program is to provide an intermediary for students and their families at public schools to access social and health care services. The goal of the program is to forge mutual long-term relationships with public and private agencies and community-based, civic and corporate organizations to help students attain high academic achievement by meeting certain nonacademic needs of students and their families.

C.  A program shall include the employment of a resource liaison, who shall:

  • (1)  assess student and family needs and match those needs with appropriate public or private providers, including civic and corporate sponsors;
  • (2)  make referrals to health care and social service providers;
  • (3)  collaborate and coordinate with health and social service agencies and organizations through school-based and off-site delivery systems;
  • (4)  recruit service providers and business, community and civic organizations to provide needed services and goods that are not otherwise available to a student or the student’s family;
  • (5)  establish partnerships between the school and community organizations such as civic, business and professional groups and organizations; and recreational, social and after-school programs such as boys’ and girls’ clubs and boy and girl scouts;
  • (6)  identify and coordinate age-appropriate resources for students in need of:
  • (a)  counseling, training and placement for employment;
  • (b)  drug and alcohol abuse counseling;
  • (c)  family crisis counseling; and
  • (d)  mental health counseling;
  • (7)  promote family support and parent education programs; and
  • (8)  seek out other services or goods a student or the student’s family needs to assist the student to stay in school and succeed.
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