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Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

State law encourages districts to implement school-based alcohol and drug referral, intervention or treatment programs for students with substance use disorders.

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-24-01. Chemical abuse prevention program - Rules

  1. The superintendent of public instruction shall adopt rules regarding the implementation of chemical abuse prevention programs in this state’s schools. The rules may include:

    • a.  Community involvement through a citizens’ advisory committee.
    • b.  An assessment of services and resources available locally.
    • c.  An assessment of student and staff needs.
    • d.  The coordination of activities with public and private entities.
    • e.  The development of an implementation plan.
    • f.  An evaluation mechanism.
    • g.  The development of a budget to fund the program.
  2. If funds are appropriated or otherwise become available, the superintendent shall call for and review school district applications for development of a program. School distrits may apply for funds independently or jointly. The superintendent shall award the funds according to the merit of each application.

  3. The superintendent shall develop a plan for the coordination of services with other agencies, including the department of human services, the state department of health, the department of transportation, and law enforcement agencies.

Policy Type

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-24-02. Staff

The superintendent of public instruction may employ an individual as a chemical abuse project coordinator. The coordinator shall:

  • 1.  Develop rules, in consultation with other private and public entities.
  • 2.  Disseminate rules developed under this chapter.
  • 3.  Provide communities, through their schools, with technical assistance in the planning and implementation of a chemical abuse and prevention program.
  • 4.  Collect data for reporting and program evaluation purposes.
  • 5.  Facilitate coordination of this program with prevention and educational programs conducted by other state agencies.
  • 6.  Provide the superintendent of public instruction with a written program evaluation.
  • 7.  Serve as a resource specialist to schools regarding the development and implementation of chemical abuse prevention programs.
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North Dakota Century Code 15.1-24-03. Chemical abuse preassessment team - Building level support team.

Any school may appoint a chemical abuse preassessment team consisting of a school counselor, a social worker, and other appropriately trained individuals or a school may use a building support team to carry out chemical abuse prevention services under this chapter. The team shall review and act upon law enforcement reports of chemical abuse violations by students. Within fourteen days of receiving a report, the team shall determine whether to provide to the student, or if the student is a minor to the student’s parent or guardian, information regarding chemical abuse and school and community services available to assist individuals who engage in chemical abuse.

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