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Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

State law encourages districts to implement school-based alcohol and drug referral, intervention or treatment programs for students with substance use disorders.

8 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations 144.7 School safety grant program.

(a) Scope of section.

The purpose of this section is to establish Standard and procedures for the awarding of grants pursuant to section 551 of Chapter 170 of the Laws of 1994 to school districts for the conduct of school safety programs.

(b) Definitions.

As used in this section: "school districts," "school safety and violence prevention programs," "extended day programs," "conflict resolution/violence prevention programs," "safe corridors program," "parent centers," "additional support staff," "collaborative school safety programs" and "needs assessments" shall have the meanings ascribed to them by subdivision 1 of section 551 of chapter 170 of the laws of 1994.

(c)  Applications.

(1) Each school district applying for a grant under this section shall submit an application on forms prescribed by the commissioner. Such applications shall be submitted not later than June 1st of each year for programs to be conducted during the following school year, provided that applications for grants for the 1994-95 school year shall be submitted by August 22, 1994.

(2) Applications shall set forth the information required in subsection 2 of section 170 of chapter 551 of the Laws of 1994 and a budget and budget narrative to support the amount of funding being requested to finance the program.

(3) Applications shall describe how the program is coordinated with related programs and projects, including, but not limited to, education, law enforcement, judicial, health, social service, juvenile justice programs, alcohol and drug counseling and mental health programs and projects, and relates to improved student achievement and identifies how the objectives of the program will become part of the overall school program.

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