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Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

State law encourages districts to implement school-based alcohol and drug referral, intervention or treatment programs for students with substance use disorders.

Alaska Statutes 14.33.120 School disciplinary and safety program.

(a)  Each governing body shall adopt a written school disciplinary and safety program. The program required under this subsection must be made available to students, parents, legal guardians, and the public and include written

  • (1)  Standard for student behavior and safety that reflect community Standard and that include, at a minimum, basic requirements for respect and honesty; Standard required under this paragraph must be developed and periodically reviewed with the collaboration of members of each school, parents, legal guardians, teachers, and other persons responsible for the students at a school; a governing body may require that Standard developed under this paragraph be consistent for all schools in an attendance area or the district;
  • (2)  Standard relating to when a teacher is authorized to remove a student from the classroom for
  • (A)  failure to follow student behavior and safety Standard; or
  • (B)  behavior described under AS 14.30.045(1) or (2);
  • (3)  procedures for notifying teachers of dangerous students consistent with AS 47.12.310(b);
  • (4)  Standard relating to when a teacher, teacher’s assistant, or other person responsible for students is authorized to use reasonable and appropriate force to maintain classroom safety and discipline as described under AS 11.81.430(a)(2);
  • (5)  policies necessary to comply with provisions of state and federal law, including 20 U.S.C. 1400 — 1482 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act);
  • (6)  Standard to address needs of students for whom mental health or substance abuse may be a contributing factor to noncompliance with the school disciplinary and safety program;
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