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Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs

State law encourages districts to implement school-based alcohol and drug referral, intervention or treatment programs for students with substance use disorders.

Administrative Rules of Montana 37.111.825 Health supervision and maintenance

(7) Pursuant to the advisory authority of 50-1-202(11) and (12), MCA, the department recommends that students be evaluated by registered professional nurses or other appropriately qualified health professionals on a periodic basis in order to identify those health problems which have the potential for interfering with learning, including:

  • (a) assessment of student's health and developmental status;
  • (b) vision screening;
  • (c) hearing screening;
  • (d) scoliosis screening;
  • (e) chemical and alcohol abuse;
  • (f) nutritional screening; and
  • (g) dental screening.
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