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Professional Development for Cultural Competency

Professional Development for Cultural Competency

State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on cultural competency.

8 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations 100.2 General school requirements.

For purposes of this subdivision, professional learning includes, but is not limited to, any continuing education required under Subpart 80-6 of this Title and any other professional learning required pursuant to the Education Law.

(1) Requirement. (i) By September 1st of each school year, each school district and board of cooperative educational services (BOCES) shall adopt or, in the case of multi-year plans, readopt a professional learning plan that meets the content requirements prescribed in paragraph (2) of this subdivision. The purpose of the plan shall be to improve the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring that when teachers and leaders participate in professional learning, they have opportunities for professional growth, remain current with their profession, and meet the learning needs of their students. The plan shall also ensure that holders of level III teaching assistant certificates and that substitute teachers who work on a long-term basis, as defined in section 80-5.4 of this Title, are provided the opportunity to participate in the professional learning program of the district or BOCES. (ii) Such professional learning plan may be a part of a comprehensive education plan of the district or BOCES, provided that the professional learning plan meets all of the requirements of this subdivision, including the requirements related to collaboration with the professional learning team in the development of the plan as prescribed in paragraph (3) of this subdivision, or may be a free-standing plan of the district or BOCES. (iii) A school district or BOCES shall include as part of its professional learning plan a description of the professional learning activities provided to all professional staff and supplementary school personnel who work with students with exceptional learning needs, particularly students with disabilities, English language learners, students who are gifted and talented, and students with low literacy levels, to enable them to identify such students and provide instruction based on the needs of such students. (2) Content of the plan. The professional learning plan shall be structured in a format consistent with Commissioner's guidelines and shall include: (i) a needs analysis, and goals, objectives, strategies, activities and evaluation Standard for professional learning. Such needs analysis should include quantitative and qualitative information regarding teacher and leader practice and student outcomes and may be conducted at the building, district, and/or BOCES level; (ii) a description of: (a) how the school district or BOCES provides all teachers and school leaders it employs substantial professional learning opportunities tailored to the needs of educators that are directly related to student learning outcomes as identified in the school district or BOCES report card and other sources as determined by the school district or BOCES. The plan shall also describe how professional learning related to educator practice and curriculum development are culturally responsive and reflect the needs of the community that the school district or BOCES serves. Additionally, each school district or BOCES shall also describe in its plan how it will provide teachers and educational leaders it employs holding a professional certificate and/or level III teaching assistant certificate with opportunities to complete 100 hours of continuing teacher and leader education (CTLE), as required every five years under Part 80 of this Title; (b) teachers', school leaders', and other school personnel's expected participation in professional learning, including but not limited to an estimate of the average number of hours each teacher/leader is expected to participate in professional learning in the school year(s) covered by the plan. Such description should include expected participation in CTLE as well as other professional learning opportunities provided by the school district or BOCES; (c) the alignment of professional learning with New York teaching, leadership, and learning Standard, assessments, student needs, adult learning theory, and current research in education including but not limited to linguistic, cultural diversity, and special needs, and culturally appropriate and responsive practice;

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