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Communication of Bullying Policy

Communication of Bullying Policy

State law addresses procedures for communicating or disseminating anti-bullying policies to students, parents, and school personnel.

New York Consolidated Laws 13. Policies and guidelines.

The board of education and the trustees or sole trustee of every school district shall create policies, procedures and guidelines that shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Policies and procedures intended to create a school environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination, that include but are not limited to provisions which:
    • k. require each school, at least once during each school year, to provide all school employees, students and parents with a written or electronic copy of the school district’s policies created pursuant to this section, or a plain-language summary thereof, including notification of the process by which students, parents and school employees may report harassment, bullying and discrimination. This subdivision shall not be construed to require additional distribution of such policies and guidelines if they are otherwise distributed to school employees, students and parents;
    • l. maintain current versions of the school district’s policies created pursuant to this section on the school district’s internet website, if one exists;
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