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Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

State law requires districts to implement school-wide positive behavioral supports or tiered frameworks.

Arkansas Administrative Rules 005.18.002 Special Education and Related Services

2.53 POSITIVE BEHAVIORAL SUPPORTS 2.00 DEFINITIONS Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) involves the application of behavior analysis to achieve socially important behavior change. PBS occurs (a) at the prevention level for all students in a school; (b) at the strategic intervention level for students who are not responding, from a social-emotional and behavioral perspective, to the prevention level; and (c) at the intensive service or crisis-management level for students who need multi-faceted and/or comprehensive behavioral or mental health services. PBS involves a planned and collaborative school-wide approach with a goal of establishing positive and supportive school environments that teach and reinforce students' prosocial behavior, holding students positively accountable for meeting established behavioral expectations, and maintaining a level of consistency throughout the implementation process. This goal is accomplished by using positive behavioral programs, strategies, and approaches.

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Arkansas Code 6-18-2004. Comprehensive student services.


  • (1) A school counselor shall spend at least ninety percent (90%) of his or her working time during student contact days providing direct services and indirect services to students.
  • (2) Direct and indirect services may be provided in collaboration with other school personnel and include without limitation: (G) Serving as a contributing member of decision-making teams, which include without limitation: (ii) Response-to-intervention teams (v) Positive behavioral intervention support programs. [...] (c)
  • (1) Administrative activities performed by a school counselor shall not exceed more than ten percent (10%) of the school counselor's time spent working during student contact days.
  • (2) Administrative activities provided by a school counselor in collaboration with other school personnel include without limitation: (C) Coordinating of: (ii) Response-to-intervention teams; (v) Positive behavioral intervention support programs.
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Supporting PBIS Implementation

This site provides information about PBIS to support schools interested in implementing it.

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