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Communication of Bullying Policy

Communication of Bullying Policy

State law addresses procedures for communicating or disseminating anti-bullying policies to students, parents, and school personnel.

17 Guam Code Annotated 3112.1 Same: Policy Against Bullying.

(b) The Guam Education Board (Board) shall adopt a policy prohibiting "harassment, intimidation, or bullying" and "cyberbullying" at school. The content of the policy shall be determined by the Board but shall contain at least the components in Subsection (c). The policy shall be adopted through a process that includes representation of parents or guardians, pupils, teachers, staff, administrators, volunteers, and community representatives. [...]

(c) The policy shall include at least each of the following components:

  • (10) A statement of how the policy is to be publicized, including notice that the policy applies to participation in school-sponsored activities.

(e) The Board shall ensure that notice of the policy under this Section is included in any publication that sets forth the comprehensive rules, procedures, and Standard of conduct for all schools, and in its pupil handbooks.

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