Mississippi - Family Engagement in Local Governance: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Mississippi Code 1972 37-18-5 School improvement plan; assistance team; community-based prekindergarten through higher education council.

(4) A school district that has been designated as failing as defined by the State Board of Education or a district with a School At-Risk shall also establish a community-based prekindergarten through higher education council comprised of a broad spectrum of the community, including economic developers, elected officials, civic leaders, business leaders, faith-based leaders, social services, nonprofit organizations, school attendance officers, law enforcement officials, health department officials, day care providers, librarians, parents and others with the knowledge and resources that can be leveraged to build strong communities. The State Board of Education shall develop procedures for appointments to the council, which shall not be appointed solely by the school board. The council will serve as a community-led group that is inclusive, accountable and required to publicly report progress to the community as a whole.

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