Alabama - Concussion/head injuries: Policy requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law addresses concussions/return to play.

Code of Alabama 22-11E-1 Legislative Findings.

(b) The Legislature recognizes that there exists within the State of Alabama the need for guidelines and other pertinent information to inform and educate health care providers, school systems, coaches, youth athletes, and their parents or guardians of the nature and risk of concussion and brain injury, including continuing to play after a suspected concussion or brain injury.

Code of Alabama 22-11E-2 Concussions

(d) A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or brain injury in practice or a game shall be immediately removed from participation and may not return to play the day of the injury and until he or she is evaluated by a licensed physician and receives written clearance to return to play from a licensed physician.

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