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State law addresses providing referrals to private physicians or community health partners.

Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.05.05.07 School Health Services Standard-- For All Students

Students with health problems or concerns identified during the initial review of records by the school health services aide shall be referred to the designated school health services professional for a health appraisal.

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Maryland Code 7-404 Hearing and Vision Screening

(c)(1) The results of the hearing and vision screenings required by this section shall be:. . .

  • (2) Additional information shall be provided to the parents or guardians of a student who fails the vision screening that includes:

  • (i) Notice that the results of the screening indicate that the student may have a vision disorder;

  • (ii) A recommendation to the parent or guardian that the student be tested by an optometrist or ophthalmologist;

  • (iii) A description of the warning signs, symptoms, risk factors, and behavioral problems associated with vision disorders or eye conditions;

  • (iv) A description of the difference between eye examinations and the vision screenings required under this section;

  • (v) Information on how to enroll in the Maryland Medical Assistance Program; and

  • (vi) Information on locally available free or low-cost nonprofit programs that provide eye examinations and eyeglasses for children, if any.

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