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State law addresses providing referrals to private physicians or community health partners.

Code of Virginia 22.1-273. Vision and hearing of student to be tested; exceptions.

  1. Vision screening results are communicated to parents in a relevant and informative format that is designed to increase parental awareness and encourage parental action;

  2. Parents receive information on the difference between vision screenings and eye examinations, the importance of taking action on a referral for an eye examination by taking their child to a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist, the identification of potential vision problems beyond the results or scope of the vision screening, and the importance of vision to a child's education and success;

  3. Parents are provided with information regarding follow-up resources related to eye examinations and eyeglasses; and

  4. Vision screening results are managed for the purposes of reporting, outcome measurement, and program analysis.

Policy Type

Virginia Administrative Code 8 VAC 20-250-10. Testing of Sight and Hearing; Monitoring.

That sight and hearing of pupils in grades K, 3, 7, and 10 be screened within 60 administrative working days of the opening of school. Whenever a pupil is found to have any defect of vision or hearing or a disease of the eyes or ears, the principal shall notify the parent or guardian in writing, of such defect or disease. This screening of pupils will be monitored through the administrative review process.

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