Outline of the state of Louisiana



State law addresses providing referrals to private physicians or community health partners.

Louisiana Administrative Code 28 CI 307. Referral Process

A. A referral for an individual evaluation should be made when the provisions in Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this Subsection have been met.

    1. The SBLC provides documentation that the RTI process addressing academic and/or behavior concerns, or the speech or language intervention(s) addressing communication concerns have included:
  • a. scientifically research-based intervention(s) implemented with fidelity as evidenced by data sheets, computer-generated records, or other permanent products;

  • b. monitoring of the student's progress relative to peers, at reasonable intervals; and

  • c. graphed evidence that the student's rate of progress relative to peers was not adequate.

    1. The SBLC provides data-based documentation that the student's lack of educational progress is not primarily due to the considerations described in § 305.J above.
    1. The SBLC suspects the student of having a disability.

B. An immediate referral may be made to pupil appraisal services for an individual evaluation of those students suspected of having low incidence impairments such as hearing impairment, visual impairment, deaf-blindness, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disability (moderate or severe), multiple disabilities, and some students with severe autism, orthopedic impairments and/or significant health issues; or based on substantial documentation by school building level personnel of any student suspected of being likely to injure him/herself or others. Screening activities should be completed during the evaluation for these students.

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