Outline of the state of Minnesota
Includes all components of U.S. Department of Education recommendations

Bullying Harassment and Intimidation Policy

Bullying Harassment and Intimidation Policy

State law requires districts to adopt comprehensive anti-bullying policies addressing all U.S. Department of Education-recommended policy requirements.

Minnesota Statutes 121A.031 School Student Bullying Policy

Subd. 4. Local policy components.

(b) Professional development under a local policy includes, but is not limited to, information about:

  • (1) developmentally appropriate strategies both to prevent and to immediately and effectively intervene to stop prohibited conduct;
  • (2) the complex dynamics affecting an actor, target, and witnesses to prohibited conduct;
  • (3) research on prohibited conduct, including specific categories of students at risk for prohibited conduct in school;
  • (4) the incidence and nature of cyberbullying; and
  • (5) Internet safety and cyberbullying.
Policy Type

Safe and Supportive Schools Act

Site provides guidance on investigating, reporting and responding to noncompliance of a bullying prohibition policy.

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