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Bullying Policy—Definitions

Bullying Policy—Definitions

State law defines prohibited behavior and may require districts to include bullying definitions in district anti-bullying policies.

Montana Code Annotated 20.5.208 Definition

(1)  “Bullying” means any harassment, intimidation, hazing, or threatening, insulting, or demeaning gesture or physical contact, including any intentional written, verbal, or electronic communication or threat directed against a student that is persistent, severe, or repeated and that:

  • (a)  causes a student physical harm, damages a student’s property, or places a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student or the student’s property;
  • (b)  creates a hostile environment by interfering with or denying a student’s access to an educational opportunity or benefit; or
  • (c)  substantially and materially disrupts the orderly operation of a school. (2)  The term includes retaliation against a victim or witness who reports information about an act of bullying and includes acts of hazing associated with athletics or school-sponsored organizations or groups.
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