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Bullying Policy—Definitions

Bullying Policy—Definitions

State law defines prohibited behavior and may require districts to include bullying definitions in district anti-bullying policies.

Oregon Revised Statutes 339.351 Definitions for ORS 339.351 to 339.364

As used in ORS 339.351 to 339.364: (1)“Cyberbullying” means the use of any electronic communication device to harass, intimidate or bully.

(2)“Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any act that:

  • (a) Substantially interferes with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities or performance;
  • (b) Takes place on or immediately adjacent to school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, on school-provided transportation or at any official school bus stop;
  • (c) Has the effect of:
  • (A) Physically harming a student or damaging a student’s property;
  • (B) Knowingly placing a student in reasonable fear of physical harm to the student or damage to the student’s property; or
  • (C) Creating a hostile educational environment, including interfering with the psychological well-being of a student; and
  • (d) May be based on, but not be limited to, the protected class status of a person.

(3) “Protected class” means a group of persons distinguished, or perceived to be distinguished, by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, familial status, source of income or disability.

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