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Limits on Referrals to Law Enforcement

Limits on Referrals to Law Enforcement

State law requires districts to establish formal procedures governing referrals to local law enforcement.

Administrative Rules of Montana 10.55.719 Student protection procedures

(5) Each local board of trustees has discretion and control over the development of its policies and procedures regarding behavior prohibited under (1), but each district's policies and procedures must include at a minimum:

  • (a) a prohibition on the behavior specified in (1), regardless of the underlying reason or reasons the student has engaged in such behavior;
  • (b) a procedure for reporting and documenting reported acts of behavior prohibited under (1);
  • (c) a procedure for investigation of all reports of behavior prohibited under (1)(a) that includes an identification of the persons responsible for the investigation and response;
  • (d) a procedure for determining whether the reported act is subject to the jurisdiction of the school district or another public agency, including law enforcement, and a procedure for referral to the necessary persons or entity with appropriate jurisdiction;
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