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Minimal assurances of due process

Disciplinary Due Process

Disciplinary Due Process

State law establishes minimal assurances of due process for students facing disciplinary action.

4 Alaska Administrative Code 06.060. Suspension or denial of admission

(a) In a public school, the superintendent or principal may suspend a pupil under the provisions of AS 14.30.045, and the pupil may be reinstated by the superintendent or principal or by the school board. A child who is diagnosed as having acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) does not have a condition which "will cause the attendance of the child to be inimical of the welfare of other pupils," within the meaning of AS 14.30.045(4), unless the child has uncoverable oozing lesions or other symptoms, or displays behavior, such as biting, which in the opinion of a team made up of the child's physician, public health personnel, the child's parent or guardian, and school personnel associated with the child's educational placement, substantially increases the risk of transmission of HIV to other pupils.

(b) Expulsion or denial of admission of a pupil shall be only upon the action of the governing school board in a district school.

(c) A pupil suspended or expelled under this section may appeal to the district board.

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