Outline of the state of Delaware

Gang Prevention

Gang Prevention

State law requires the adoption of comprehensive gang prevention and intervention policies addressing multiple components.

Delaware Code 14-4164 School bullying awareness and prevention; criminal youth gang detection.

(d)  Duties of the Department of Education. --

  • (1) The Department of Education shall collaborate with the Department of Justice to identify and maintain a model policy that is applicable to kindergarten through grade 12, and post this policy, along with the contact information for the School Ombudsperson, on their websites in order to assist the school districts and charter schools. In addition, the Department of Education shall promulgate a uniform cyberbullying policy, which shall be based upon a model prepared by the Department of Justice and public comment upon that model. Each school district and charter school shall adopt the Department's uniform cyberbullying policy within 90 days of the policy becoming final.
  • (2) Distribution of the Comprehensive School Discipline Improvement Program funds to a school district and charter school provided in the General Appropriations Act starting in fiscal year 2009 and thereafter is contingent upon Department of Education approval of the school district's or charter school's bullying prevention policy.
  • (3) To the extent that funding is available, the Department of Education shall provide for an award system for schools with exemplary programs based on criteria promulgated by the Department.
  • (4) The Department of Education shall conduct random audits of schools to insure compliance with paragraphs (b)(2)i. and (b)(2)k. of this section. The Department shall report the results of these audits annually in the report required by paragraph (c)(4) of this section.
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