Outline of the state of Louisiana

Gang Prevention

Gang Prevention

State law encourages districts to adopt gang prevention policies or requires districts to implement stand-alone gang prevention strategies or approaches (e.g., gang detection training, gang prevention education).

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:13.1 Crime Prevention in Schools Act

A. The state Department of Education shall develop and implement, with the approval of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, minimum guidelines for a program on the prevention of crime and disruptive behavior in public schools by the 1993-94 school year. In order to decrease the epidemic level of crime in and around public elementary and secondary schools, the department shall coordinate the instruction, development, and training of teachers in the crime prevention in schools program, provide for the preparation and distribution of instructional materials, and develop program guidelines

B. In developing the program guidelines, the department, at a minimum, shall:

  • (1) Assess the problem of disruptive behavior and crime in local school systems in order to provide data on a statewide basis and to define the specific needs of the students.

  • (2) Define the goals for alleviating disruptive and criminal behavior in schools.

  • (3) Provide continued training of personnel within the department and within local school systems to enhance the development and training of personnel relative to the prevention of crime and disruptive behavior.

  • (4) Provide for community programs to educate members of the community concerning crime and disruptive behavior in schools and to involve the community in contributing to the solution to these problems.

  • (5) Provide for continuing research to define further needs to accomplish the ultimate goal of decreasing crime and disruptive behavior in schools and to refine any programs developed to meet these needs.

  • (6) Provide for the coordination of school safety programs and any other existing programs addressing drug and alcohol abuse, gang membership, and gang violence.

  • (7) Review available materials and programs established and funded by the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program for incorporation into any program guidelines.

  • (8) Consider any other existing programs within the state which may be utilized or modified in order to deliver the program to the city and parish schools in the state.

C. The program shall be funded by the state and the department may enrich the program using monies available from other sources.

D. Each city and parish school board shall submit a program for approval to the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education by the 1994-1995 school year. Any such program shall be developed in accordance with the minimum guidelines established by the state Department of Education. Each city and parish school board shall also submit a budget and a method of evaluation of the local program to the board for approval prior to implementation.

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