Outline of the state of Indiana

Gang Prevention

Gang Prevention

State law requires the adoption of comprehensive gang prevention and intervention policies addressing multiple components.

Indiana Code 20-26-18-2 Establishment of written policy

(a) Not later than June 1, 2016, the governing body of each school corporation shall establish a written policy to address criminal organizations and criminal organization activity in schools. The governing body of a school corporation shall develop the policy in consultation with:

  • (1) parents;
  • (2) school employees;
  • (3) local law enforcement officials;
  • (4) the county prosecuting attorney;
  • (5) the county public defender;
  • (6) organizations that have expertise in criminal organization education, prevention, or intervention;
  • (7) a juvenile court judge;
  • (8) a school behavioral health or community mental health professional; and
  • (9) any other person or entity the governing body of the school corporation determines to be appropriate. (b) The policy must meet all the requirements for the department’s model criminal organization policy set forth in IC 20-19-3-12(d). (c) Not later than September 1, 2016, each school corporation shall submit a copy of its criminal organization policy to the department.
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Indiana Code 20-26-18-4 Establishment of educational programs.

A school corporation shall establish the following educational programs in its efforts to address criminal organization activity:

  • (1) An evidence based educational criminal organization awareness program for students, school employees, and parents.
  • (2) A school employee development program to provide training to school employees in the implementation of the criminal organization policy established under section 2 [IC 20-26-18-2] of this chapter.
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Indiana Code 20-26-18-5 Criminal gang intervention services

To foster the continuing coordination of criminal organization prevention, intervention, and suppression efforts, the governing body of a school corporation may establish a program to provide criminal organization intervention services to students.

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Indiana Code 5-2-10.1-11 School safety specialist training and certification program

(c) The department of education shall do the following:

  • (1) Assemble an advisory group of school safety specialists from around the state to make recommendations concerning the curriculum and Standard for school safety specialist training.
  • (2) Develop an appropriate curriculum and the Standard for the school safety specialist training and certification program. The department of education may consult with national school safety experts in developing the curriculum and Standard. The curriculum developed under this subdivision must include training in:
  • (A) identifying, preventing, and intervening in bullying;
  • (B) identifying, preventing, and intervening in criminal organization activity; and
  • (C) identifying, preventing, and intervening in actions by a person who is present on school property with the intent to harm another person.
Policy Type

Indiana Code 5-2-10.1-2 Purpose - Source of money - Grants

(a) The Indiana safe schools fund is established to do the following:

  • (6) Provide educational outreach to school personnel and training to school safety specialists and school resource officers concerning:
  • (A) the identification of;
  • (B) the prevention of; and
  • (C) intervention in; criminal organization activities.
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