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Chemical Hazards

Chemical Hazards

State law encourages districts to utilize environmentally-safe chemicals and to reduce chemical exposure in schools.

Arizona Revised Statutes 15-152 Pest management at schools; notice

A. The governing board of each school district shall develop and adopt a policy to provide pupils and employees with at least forty-eight hours’ notice before pesticides are applied on school property. The policy shall include at least the following:

    1. Procedures for oral notification to pupils and employees during the regular school session.
    1. Procedures for written, electronic or telephonic notification to parents or guardians at least forty-eight hours prior to the application of pesticides.

B. For purposes of this section, pesticides do not include:

    1. Nonrestricted use disinfectants, sanitizers or deodorizers regulated by the federal insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide act but include other pesticides regulated under the federal insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide act (P.L. 100-532; 102 Stat. 2654; 7 United States Code section 136).
    1. Nonresidual pesticide applications performed or contracted by public health agencies for vector control.
    1. Emergency applications of a pesticide that has a toxicity category of III or IV pursuant to 40 Code of Federal Regulations section 156.62 to control harmful pests that pose an imminent threat to the public health.
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