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Chemical Hazards

Chemical Hazards

State law requires districts to utilize environmentally-safe chemicals and/or to reduce chemical exposure in schools.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations 302 29:050. Commercial structural pest control and fumigation.

Section 10. Integrated Pest Management in Schools. Each school district shall implement an integrated pest management program with a primary goal of controlling pests, general pests, and wood-destroying organisms with the judicious use of pesticides. (1) Pesticides may be applied without notification indoors and to outside areas when children are not present.

(2) Pesticides may be applied without notification when children are present but shall be limited to:

  • (a) Germicides, disinfectants, bactericides, sanitizing agents, water purifiers, and swimming pool chemicals used in normal cleaning activities;

  • (b) Personal insect repellents;

  • (c) Human or animal ectoparasite control products administered by qualified health professionals or veterinarians;

  • (d) Manufactured paste, gel, or other formulations designated on the product label as bait and applied according to label instructions where humans do not have reasonable access to the application area; and

  • (e) Rodent control products placed in industry identified tamper-resistant bait stations or rodenticides placed in wall voids or other rodent harborage sites that are inaccessible to humans.

(3)(a) Each school authority shall maintain a registry of electronic mail or telephone contact numbers of parents or guardians who have requested notification prior to the application of pesticides in schools when children are present, and shall provide written notice to parents or guardians at the beginning of each school year of the existence of the registry and the process for being placed on the registry. The written notice shall be as follows: "Dear Parent or Guardian:

Each school district in the Commonwealth is required to implement a program of "integrated pest management" with the primary goal of preventing and controlling pests through strategies that may include judicious use of pesticides. The application of pesticides in the school or on school grounds during times when children are present is limited by state regulation, but there may be occasions when, after consulting with a certified pesticide applicator, the school administration determines that a pesticide application is necessary when children are present in the school. As required by state regulation, we have created a registry for parents or guardians who wish to receive an electronic message or telephone call prior to the application of pesticides in the school when children are present. Please provide the school administration your email address or phone number if you wish to be placed on this registry."

  • (b) Notification by the school to parents or guardians on the registry shall be required if the school authority, after consultation with the certified applicator, determines that a pesticide application other than those listed in subsection (2) of this section, is necessary when children are present in the school.

  • (c) For pesticide applications made when children are present, the school authority shall provide the notification to persons listed on the registry at least one (1) hour prior to the making of the application.

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