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Emergency Operations Plans—Interagency Coordination

Emergency Operations Plans—Interagency Coordination

State law encourages or requires inter-agency coordination as part of initial emergency plan development only.

Arizona Revised Statutes 15-341 General powers and duties; immunity; delegation

A. The governing board shall:

    1. Report to local law enforcement agencies any suspected crime against a person or property that is a serious offense as defined in section 13-706 or that involves a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or serious physical injury and any conduct that poses a threat of death or serious physical injury to employees, students or anyone on the property of the school. This paragraph does not limit or preclude the reporting by a school district or an employee of a school district of suspected crimes other than those required to be reported by this paragraph. For the purposes of this paragraph, “dangerous instrument”, “deadly weapon” and “serious physical injury” have the same meanings prescribed in section 13-105.
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