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Tobacco Free Environments

Tobacco Free Environments

Topic is not addressed in state statutes or regulations, but is addressed in non-codified policy.

Alaska Statutes 18.35.301 Prohibition of smoking.

(b) An individual may not smoke in an enclosed area

  • (1) in an office building, office, hotel, motel, restaurant, bar, retail store, or shopping center;
  • (2) in a common area in an apartment building or multiple-family dwelling;
  • (3) in a place of employment, including a vehicle;
  • (4) at a public or private educational facility;
  • (5) at a health care facility, including residential units in the health care facility;
  • (6) in a building or residence that is used to provide paid child care, whether or not children are present in the building or residence, or care for adults on a fee-for-service basis; however, nothing in this paragraph is intended to prohibit an individual from smoking in a private residence that is in a building where another residence provides paid child care or care for adults;
  • (7) on a vessel operating as a shore-based fisheries business under AS 43.75.
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