Outline of the state of Mississippi
Required, with required or encouraged interagency coordination

Multi-hazard Practice Drills

Multi-hazard Practice Drills

State law requires districts to implement multi-hazard practice drills (e.g., fire, lockdown, active shooter, or evacuation drills) and encourages or requires inter-agency coordination.

Mississippi Administrative Code 7-192 Mississippi School Safety Manual

Accreditation Standard and the School Safety Plan

  1. Drills must be documented in accordance with the following schedule: (Drill File)

    • a. Fire Drills-Monthly
    • b. Tornado Drills- twice per year
    • c. Lockdown/Intruder- twice per year
  2. The school must have two (2) family reunification points designated to include maps to these locations. (Crisis Plan Review)

  3. The school must have two (2) evacuation locations designated to include maps to these locations. [...]

Safety Concerns Safety concerns include:

    1. School location and age: The neighborhood, age of the school, maintenance level, and attendance.
    1. Communication Systems: Shall have two-way communication between office and key personnel (Administrators, Janitorial Staff, School Safety Personnel, etc.) as well as an emergency phone system.
    1. Surveillance Systems (if needed): System shall be monitored and/or recorded. Policies shall specify if the system is being used as a deterrent or monitoring tool.
    1. Shut-off valves to utilities shall be located and noted on the school map.
    1. Fire drills shall be conducted monthly and documented.
    1. Tornado drills shall be conducted twice per year at a minimum and documented.
    1. Lockdown drills shall be conducted twice per year at a minimum and documented.
    1. Building Accessibility: Perimeter doors allowing ingress and egress from public areas shall be one-way or monitored.
    1. Classrooms shall have interior door locks (or method to secure the door for a lockdown), a copy of the room level crisis plan, and classroom emergency packs.
    1. Parent and bus traffic shall be segregated and controlled.
    1. Emergency lighting shall be present and checked.
    1. Custodial closets, electrical, plumbing, and gas equipment areas shall be locked. Storage areas shall be neat and free of flammable or hazardous material.
    1. Science labs shall have safety equipment and emergency protocols. Chemicals shall be segregated and tagged with expiration dates.
Policy Type

Mississippi Code 37-11-5. Instruction in fire drills, emergency management, and active shooter drills.

(1) It shall be the duty of the principals and teachers in all public school buildings to instruct the pupils in the methods of fire drills and to practice fire drills until all the pupils in the school are familiar with the methods of escape. Such fire drills shall be conducted often enough to keep such pupils well drilled. It shall be the further duty of such principals and teachers to instruct the pupils in all programs of emergency management as may be designated by the State Department of Education.

(2) It shall be the further duty of such principals and teachers to develop and conduct an active shooter drill within the first sixty (60) days of each new school semester for students, teachers and staff.

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