Outline of the state of Mississippi

Acceptable Internet Use Policies

Acceptable Internet Use Policies

State law encourages districts to adopt acceptable Internet use policies or to provide instruction on safe Internet use.

Acceptable Use Policy

This document provides a template for schools developing acceptable internet use policies.

Policy Type

Mississippi Administrative Code 7-192 Mississippi School Safety Manual

Operational Policies

The following list is not exhaustive but provides a starting point for the issues/policies that shall be considered. All school safety related plans and programs shall be based on a comprehensive assessment and state statutes relating to school safety.

    1. Discipline Plan
    1. Code of Conduct Policies
    1. Playground Policies
    1. Duty Rosters
    1. Traffic Policies
    1. Visitor Policies and Procedures
    1. Search Policies
    1. Dress Code
    1. Electronic Communication/Cell Phone Policies
    1. Internet Policies
    1. Field Trip/Special Event Policies
    1. Plain Language Commands (NIMS Compliance)
    1. Parking & Automobile Policies
    1. Evacuation Procedures
    1. Medication Dispensing Policy
    1. Shop Safety Policy
    1. Juvenile Court Liaison Policy
    1. Alarm Systems
    1. Posting of Signs
    1. Hazardous Material Policy
    1. Inclement Weather Procedures
Policy Type

Mississippi School Safety Educational Leadership Framework: K-3

This framework provides guidance to local school districts to promote a safe school environment for students in kindergarten through third grade and addresses providing students with instruction on safe internet use.

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