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Mental Health Supports for Students Involved in Bullying Incidents

Mental Health Supports for Students Involved in Bullying Incidents

State law encourages districts to provide safeguards, counseling or other supportive services or interventions, or requires districts to provide students with resources and referrals without mandating the provision of direct services or interventions.

Indiana Code 20-33-8-12 Adoption of discipline rules; publicity requirement; discipline policy regulations and guidelines; delegation of authority; rulemaking powers of governing body

(a) Discipline rules adopted by the governing body of a school corporation under section 12 [IC 20-33-8-12] of this chapter must:

  • (1) prohibit bullying; and
  • (2) include:
  • (A) provisions concerning education, parental involvement, and intervention;
  • (B) a detailed procedure for the expedited investigation of incidents of bullying that includes:
  • (i) appropriate responses to bullying behaviors, wherever the behaviors occur;
  • (ii) provisions for anonymous and personal reporting of bullying to a teacher or other school staff;
  • (iii) timetables for reporting of bullying incidents to the parents of both the targeted student and the bully, in an expedited manner;
  • (iv) timetables for reporting of bullying incidents to school counselors, school administrators, the superintendent, or law enforcement, if it is determined that reporting the bullying incident to law enforcement is necessary;
  • (v) discipline provisions for teachers, school staff, or school administrators who fail to initiate or conduct an investigation of a bullying incident; and
  • (vi) discipline provisions for false reporting of bullying; and
  • (C) a detailed procedure outlining the use of follow-up services that includes:
  • (i) support services for the victim; and
  • (ii) bullying education for the bully.

(b) The discipline rules described in subsection (a) may be applied regardless of the physical location in which the bullying behavior occurred, whenever:

  • (1) the individual committing the bullying behavior and any of the intended targets of the bullying behavior are students attending a school within a school corporation; and
  • (2) disciplinary action is reasonably necessary to avoid substantial interference with school discipline or prevent an unreasonable threat to the rights of others to a safe and peaceful learning environment.

(c) The discipline rules described in subsection (a) must prohibit bullying through the use of data or computer software that is accessed through a:

  • (1) computer;
  • (2) computer system; or
  • (3) computer network.

(d) This section may not be construed to give rise to a cause of action against a person or school corporation based on an allegation of noncompliance with this section. Noncompliance with this section may not be used as evidence against a school corporation in a cause of action.

(e) A record made of an investigation, a disciplinary action, or a follow-up action performed under rules adopted under this section is not a public record under IC 5-14-3.

(f) The department shall periodically review each policy adopted under this section to ensure the policy’s compliance with this section.

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