Outline of the state of California
Addresses on-campus health centers or clinics

School-based Health Services

School-based Health Services

State law, regulation, or district policy addresses the development of school-based health centers or clinics, even if only through a grant program on some campuses.

California Education Code 49427 Employment of Medical Personnel

(a) It is the intent of the Legislature that the governing board of each school district and each county superintendent of schools maintain fundamental school health services at a level that is adequate to accomplish all of the following:

  • (1) Preserve pupils’ ability to learn.
  • (2) Fulfill existing state requirements and policies regarding pupils’ health.
  • (3) Contain health care costs through preventive programs and education.
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California Education Code 8995 Nutrition Education

The Legislature encourages school administrations to do the following: (a) Offer wellness programs that include personalized instruction about healthy eating and physical activity. (b) Ensure that the nutrition services, health services, and social services children need in order to learn are provided at the schoolsite or in cooperation with other community agencies.

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California Health and Safety Code 124174.2 Public School Health Center Support Program

(a) The department, in cooperation with the State Department of Education, shall establish a Public School Health Center Support Program. (b) The program, in collaboration with the State Department of Education, shall perform the following program functions:

  • (1) Provide technical assistance to school health centers on effective outreach and enrollment strategies to identify children who are eligible for, but not enrolled in, the Medi-Cal program, the Healthy Families Program, or any other applicable program.
  • (2) Serve as a liaison between organizations within the department, including, but not limited to, prevention services, primary care, and family health.
  • (3) Serve as a liaison between other state entities, as appropriate, including, but not limited to, the State Department of Health Care Services, the Department of Managed Health Care, the Office of Emergency Services, and the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board.
  • (4) Provide technical assistance to facilitate and encourage the establishment, retention, or expansion of, school health centers. For purposes of this paragraph, technical assistance may include, but is not limited to, identifying available public and private sources of funding, which may include federal Medicaid funds, funds from third-party reimbursements, and available federal or foundation grant moneys.
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California Health and Safety Code 124174.6 Public School Health Center Support Program

The department shall establish a grant program within the Public School Health Center Support Program to provide technical assistance, and funding for the expansion, renovation, and retrofitting of existing school health centers, and the development of new school health centers, in accordance with the following procedures and requirements:

  • (a) A school health center receiving grant funds pursuant to this section shall meet or have a plan to meet the following requirements:
  • (1) Strive to provide a comprehensive set of services including medical, oral health, mental health, health education, and related services in response to community needs.
  • (2) Provide primary and other health care services, provided or supervised by a licensed professional, which may include all of the following:
    • (A) Physical examinations, immunizations, and other preventive medical services.
    • (B) Diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries and acute medical conditions.
    • (C) Management of chronic medical conditions.
    • (D) Basic laboratory tests.
    • (E) Referrals to and followup for specialty care.
    • (F) Reproductive health services.
    • (G) Nutrition services.
    • (H) Mental health services provided or supervised by an appropriately licensed mental health professional may include: assessments, crisis intervention, counseling, treatment, and referral to a continuum of services including emergency psychiatric care, community support programs, inpatient care, and outpatient programs. School health centers providing mental health services as specified in this section shall consult with the local county mental health department for collaboration in planning and service delivery.
    • (I) Oral health services that may include preventive services, basic restorative services, and referral to specialty services.
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