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Addressed, but no formal program

School-based Health Services

School-based Health Services

State law addresses aspects of traditional school-based health services but does not formalize a program to aid in the establishment of clinics or health centers on campus for students.

105 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 200.200 School Physicians

(A) The school committee or the board of health shall provide the services of a school physician to carry out physical examinations on such children who, because of hardship, do not have this service performed by the student's physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Every reasonable effort shall be made to link such students with a primary care provider. (B) The school committee or the board of health shall ensure that a student in the public schools, if not examined by the student's primary care provider, is examined by the school physician under following circumstances:

  • (1) frequent absences due to unexplained illness;
  • (2) known or suspected physical disabilities or medical conditions that require appraisal;
  • (3) referral from a teacher-nurse conference because the student is not making expected progress in school or because of signs of illness noted by the teacher or nurse; and
  • (4) referral by the school nurse.
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