Outline of the state of Arkansas
Addresses on-campus health centers or clinics

School-based Health Services

School-based Health Services

State law, regulation, or district policy addresses the development of school-based health centers or clinics, even if only through a grant program on some campuses.

Arkansas Administrative Rules 005.05.001 Student Services

3.01.6 Health services, which shall include, without limitation:

  • Students with special health care needs, including the chronically ill, medically fragile, and technology-dependent, and students with other health impairments shall have individualized health care plans;

  • Invasive medical procedures required by students and provided at the school shall be performed by trained, licensed personnel who are licensed to perform the task subject to Ark. Code Ann. § 17-87-102(6)(D) or other professional licensure statutes, unless permitted under Ark. Code Ann. § 17-87-103(10) and (11).The regular classroom teacher shall not perform these tasks, except that public school employees may volunteer to be trained and administer glucagon to a student with type 1 diabetes in an emergency situation permitted under Ark. Code Ann. § 17-87-103(11); and

  • Custodial health care services required by students under individualized health care plans shall be provided by trained school employees other than the regular classroom teachers;

Policy Type

Arkansas Code 6-18-703 School-Based Health Clinics


  • (1)

    • (A)
      • (i) No school-based health clinic may be established in a public school until requested by resolution by the school district board of directors, and no child shall receive school-based health clinic services without parental consent.
      • (ii) Parental consent to contraceptive services and condom distribution shall be specific, in writing, and maintained in the student's health records. *(B)
      • (i) All school-based clinics shall maintain accurate records of the distributing and prescribing of contraceptives and condoms.
      • (ii) The number of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among students in the schools with school-based clinics shall be transmitted annually to the school district board of directors.
      • (iii) Records maintained under this section are part of the confidential medical record of the student.
      • (iv) Numerical or statistical data required to be maintained under this subsection may not be released in a manner that reveals the identity of or any other information contained in the file of the student.
  • (2) If the board of directors establishes a school-based health clinic, the board of directors shall retain absolute control over the operations and programs offered by the clinic.

  • (3) Schools that offer sex education in school-based health clinics shall include instruction in sexual abstinence, and no funds shall be utilized for abortion referral.

(b) When any local school district board of directors elects to maintain a school-based health clinic in the school, any Department of Health employee working in the clinic shall be subject to the supervision and control of the school district board of directors.


  • (1) No state funds shall be used for the purchase or dispensing of contraceptives or abortifacients in public schools.
  • (2) Local school district boards of directors retain the sole authority over whether and to what extent family planning education is provided in clinics, including any purchase or distribution of contraceptives.
  • (3) Notice of family planning clinic intentions by a school district shall be given thirty (30) days in advance of a public meeting of the school district board of directors.
Policy Type

Arkansas Rules Governing the Standard for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools and School Districts

Standard 2-E Health and Safety Services

  • 2-E.1 Each public school district shall provide a health services program under the direction of a licensed registered nurse in accordance with the laws of the State of Arkansas and the rules of the Department. (D/C)

  • 2-E.2 Each public school and public school district shall maintain appropriate materials and expertise to reasonably ensure the safety of students, employees, and visitors. (D-S/C-P)

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