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Addressed, but no formal program

School-based Health Services

School-based Health Services

State law addresses aspects of traditional school-based health services but does not formalize a program to aid in the establishment of clinics or health centers on campus for students.

Florida Administrative Code 64F-6.002 School Health Services Plan.

(1) The state plan for school health services shall be developed by the department in cooperation with the Department of Education to include, at a minimum, a plan for the delivery of school services; accountability and outcome indicators; strategies for assessing and blending financial resources (both public and private); and establishment of a data system.

(2) The local school health services plans shall include, at a minimum, the following components:

  • (a) A plan for the delivery of those services listed in ss. 381.0056(5)(a)-(r) and 381.0057, F.S.;
  • (b) Budget and staffing information;
  • (c) Number and levels of public and non-public schools and number of students served;
  • (d) Communicable disease policies;
  • (e) Immunization policies that, at a minimum, include immunization requirements for schools as listed in Rule 64D-3.011, F.A.C., and Section 232.032, F.S.;
  • (f) Initial school entry health examination policy;
  • (g) Health services reporting procedures;
  • (h) Advisory committee activities and membership; and
  • (i) School district and county public health unit personnel responsible for coordinating health services.
  • (j) The local school health services plan shall describe employing or contracting for all health-related staff and the supervision of all school health services personnel regardless of funding source.
  1. Protocols for supervision of school health services personnel shall be described in the local school health services plan to assure that such services are provided in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements and professional Standard. These shall be kept on file at the local school district and the county health department (CHD).

  2. Decisions regarding medical protocols or standing orders in the delivery of school health services are the responsibility of the CHD medical director in conjunction with district school boards, local school health advisory committees, the school district medical consultant, or the student's private physician.

(3) Each local school health services plan shall be completed biennially and approved and signed by the superintendent of schools, school board chairperson, CHD medical director or administrator and the department's district administrator.

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Florida Statutes 381.0056 School health services program.

(3) The Department of Health shall have the responsibility, in cooperation with the Department of Education, to supervise the administration of the school health services program and perform periodic program reviews. However, the principal of each school shall have immediate supervisory authority over the health personnel working in the school.

(4) (a) Each county health department shall develop, jointly with the district school board and the local school health advisory committee, a school health services plan. The plan must include, at a minimum, provisions for all of the following:

    1. Health appraisal;
    1. Records review;
    1. Nurse assessment;
    1. Nutrition assessment;
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School Health Program

The webpage describes the school health program in Florida and its levels of health service provision: basic school health services, comprehensive school health services, and full service schools. Basic school health services, in all 67 counties of Florida, include health appraisals; nursing assessments; child-specific training; preventative dental screenings and services; vision, hearing, scoliosis, and growth and development screenings; health counseling; referral and follow-up of suspected or confirmed health problems; first aid and emergency health services; assistance with medication administration; and health care procedures for students with chronic or acute health conditions.

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