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Addressed, but no formal program

School-based Health Services

School-based Health Services

State law addresses aspects of traditional school-based health services but does not formalize a program to aid in the establishment of clinics or health centers on campus for students.

17 V.I.C. _ 111

a)The Commissioner of Education, with the collaboration of the Commissioner of Health as hereinafter provided, shall establish, maintain and administer a school health program in the Virgin Islands. Such program shall include; health services, health education and instruction, and healthful environment.

(b)In furtherance of the program authorized by subsection (a) of this section, health services shall include regular medical and dental health appraisals including tests and measurements, and treatments, and such preventive measures as vaccinations and other immunizations, and the taking of other measures for preventing the introduction or spread of communicable diseases as in the judgment of the Commissioner of Health are required in the interests of public health.

(c)Health services as prescribed by subsection (b) of this section shall be provided without cost and required of all pupils in the public, private and parochial; elementary and secondary schools, except as provided in section 114 of this chapter, immediately prior to or upon their entrance into kindergarten or the first grade, and upon entrance into the fifth and ninth grades and, irrespective of grade, immediately prior to or upon entrance into any public, private or parochial school if that pupil has not previously been examined in accordance with this section prior to or upon entrance into another public, private or parochial school in the Virgin Islands. Additional health appraisals and examinations of pupils may be required when deemed necessary by the Commissioner of Health.

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