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Acceptable Internet Use Policies

Acceptable Internet Use Policies

State law requires districts to adopt Internet use policies or to provide instruction on safe Internet use.

Idaho Statutes 33-132 Local School Boards - Internet Use Policy Required.

(1) As a condition for receiving moneys from the state general fund, each local school district shall file an acceptable internet use policy with the state superintendent of public instruction no later than August 1, 2011, or within one (1) year after the creation of a new district, whichever is later, and every five (5) years thereafter. Such policy shall be approved by the district's board of trustees and shall contain, but not be limited to, provisions that:

  • (a) Prohibit and prevent the use of school computers and other school owned technology-related services from sending, receiving, viewing or downloading materials that are deemed to be harmful to minors, as defined by section 18-1514, Idaho Code; and

  • (b) Provide for the selection of technology for the local district's computers to filter or block internet access to obscene materials, materials harmful to minors and materials that depict the sexual exploitation of a minor, as defined in chapter 15, title 18, Idaho Code; and

  • (c) Establish appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken against persons violating the policy provided for in this section; and

  • (d) Include a component of internet safety for students that is integrated into the district's instructional program; and

  • (e) Inform the public that administrative procedures have been adopted to enforce the policy provided for in this section and to handle complaints about such enforcement, and that such procedures are available for review at the district office.

(2) The policy provided for in subsection (1) of this section may include terms, conditions and requirements deemed appropriate by the district's board of trustees including, but not limited to, requiring written parental authorization for internet use by minors or differentiating acceptable uses among elementary, middle and high school students.

(3) The district's superintendent is hereby authorized to take reasonable measures to implement and enforce the provisions of this section.

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