Outline of the state of Nevada

Acceptable Internet Use Policies

Acceptable Internet Use Policies

State law requires districts to adopt Internet use policies or to provide instruction on safe Internet use.

Nevada Administrative Code 389.187. Academic career and personal and social development.

A course of study in academic, career, and personal and social development must include instruction designed to teach pupils in kindergarten through the completion of the 12th grade, as applicable:

  1. For the area of academic development, how to implement strategies and activities which support and maximize the ability of a pupil to learn, as demonstrated by the pupil's ability to:

    • (a) Improve the academic self-concept of the pupil;
    • (b) Develop skills that contribute to effective learning and use those skills to improve the ability of the pupil to learn;
    • (c) Achieve success in school;
    • (d) Develop and implement plans which enable the pupil to achieve his or her goals; and
    • (e) Understand the relationship between the education of the pupil and his or her life experiences.
  2. For the area of career development, how to provide the foundation for the development of skills, attitudes and knowledge which are necessary for the pupil to make a successful transition from school to his or her career and from career to career throughout his or her life span, as demonstrated by the pupil's ability to:

    • (a) Develop an awareness of career choices and acquire information relating to those careers;
    • (b) Develop and implement employability skills;
    • (c) Identify the career goals of the pupil and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve those goals; and
    • (d) Apply the skills necessary to achieve the pupil's career goals.
  3. For the area of personal and social development, how to develop the foundation for the personal and social development of the pupil as the pupil progresses from kindergarten through high school and into adulthood, as demonstrated by the pupil's ability to:

    • (a) Acquire self-knowledge and interpersonal and personal safety skills, including, without limitation, safety skills relating to the use of electronic technology and electronic devices; and
    • (b) Apply self-knowledge when making decisions, setting goals and taking the necessary actions to achieve those goals.
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Nevada Administrative Code 389.195. Elementary school.

  1. The State Board of Education prescribes the following courses of study for elementary schools:

    • (a) Reading.
    • (b) Language.
    • (c) Social studies.
    • (d) Mathematics.
    • (e) Science.
    • (f) Art.
    • (g) Music.
    • (h) Health.
    • (i) Physical education.
    • (j) Computers.
  2. In addition to the courses prescribed by subsection 1, a course of study in:

    • (a) Introduction to technology is prescribed for pupils in sixth, seventh or eighth grade.
    • (b) Academic achievement, career exploration, and personal and social development is prescribed for pupils in seventh or eighth grade.
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