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Emergency Operations Plans—Interagency Coordination

Emergency Operations Plans—Interagency Coordination

State law encourages or requires inter-agency coordination as part of both initial plan development and review and update procedures.

Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.02.02.03 Incorporation by Reference

The Maryland State Department of Education Emergency Planning Guidelines for Local School Systems and Schools (December 2019) is incorporated by reference.

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Emergency Planning Guidelines for Local School Systems and Schools


Annual reviews and updating is also an essential component to evaluating and improving emergency response plans. New protocols and innovations in the field can occur at any time but LSSs may not think to update the emergency plan with these items unless annual reviews are built into the planning process. Scheduling updates with all stakeholders including community agencies, law enforcement, and emergency services can help to keep plans current. In addition, it is recommended to update the schools multi-hazard assessment on an annual basis as risk factors may change over time. As evaluation and updating occurs, a feedback loop to planning, training, and practice needs to occur for all staff, students, parents, and community agencies. Annual planning and training is required for all as a means to keep the loop complete.

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Maryland Code 7-1509. Regulations; drills; emergency response policies.

(a) Regulations. -- The Department, in consultation with the Subcabinet, may adopt regulations to incorporate in the annual schedule of drills for each local school system developmentally and age-appropriate components of:

  • (1) The Active Shooter Preparedness Program developed by the Department of Homeland Security or guidelines; or
  • (2) The active shooter guidelines adopted by the Maryland Active Assailant Work Group established under Executive Order 01.01.2018.08.

(b) Drills. -- Drills incorporated into the annual schedule of drills under subsection (a) of this section may include developmentally and age-appropriate procedures for students or school personnel in:

  • (1) Securing classrooms;
  • (2) Barricading classrooms and school entries;
  • (3) Taking refuge in the classroom; and
  • (4) When appropriate, escape from the classroom or school.

(c) Notification of changes to regulations. -- The Department shall notify the Governor and, in accordance with § 2-1257 of the State Government Article, the Legislative Policy Committee of proposed changes to regulations that alter the annual schedule of drills as provided under this section.

(d) Policies for emergency response. -- Each local school system shall collaborate with the local law enforcement agency to establish policies for responding to an emergency at each public school in the county.

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