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Dating Violence Policy

Dating Violence Policy

State law requires districts to adopt dating violence policies.

Oregon Administrative Rules 581-022-2050 Human Sexuality Education

(6) The comprehensive plan of instruction shall include information that:

  • (o) Teaches students how to identify and respond to attitudes and behaviors which contribute to sexual violence; (10) Materials and information shall be presented in a manner sensitive to the fact that there are students who have experienced, perpetrated, or witnessed sexual abuse and relationship violence.
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Oregon Revised Statutes 339.366 Required policies on teen dating violence and domestic violence

(2) Each school district board shall adopt a policy that:

  • (a) States that teen dating violence is unacceptable and is prohibited and that each student has the right to a safe learning environment;
  • (b) Incorporates age-appropriate education about teen dating violence and domestic violence into new or existing training programs for students in grades 7 through 12 and school employees as recommended by the school officials identified under paragraph (d) of this subsection;
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Oregon Youth Sexual Health Prevention Plan: Year 5 Update

This document provides the 5 year update on the state's sexual health and prevention plan. Page 10 outlines the goal for reducing non-consensual behaviors

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